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  • Hi everybody, I'm experiencing a crush in my game when I add Advert object and configure it with my IDs.

    I don't know where is the problem (or the problem is C3 itself), but I read all post about Advert and nobody has the same problem.

    Steps I did:

    *Created AdMob account

    *Set payments method in Admob

    *Created App (android and IOS)

    *Created Banner (both OS)

    *Created Interstitial (both OS)

    *Copied Banners' and Interstitials' IDs

    *Copied Apps' IDs

    On C3 (Only Android):

    *Created Advert Object

    *Paste my App ID

    *Tilt Test box

    *Event: On Load Complete -> Create Interstitial advert: ID: "my_Interstitial_ID" / Show: False

    *Event: On objetct touched -> Show Interstitial Advert

    Export (Android)

    *Exported Android Studio Project

    *Exported Cordova Project


    *Opened Android Studio Project

    *Plugged my Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

    *Build on device -> App installed


    *On Terminal (mac): went to cordova project location

    *$ cordova platform add android

    *$ cordova build

    *Copy APK builded to my Samsung Galaxy Tab A6.


    After install the APK (both builds) on app start the screen of my tablet goes black forever (not hardware crush, only the app sustain that black, but I can still close it without any problem or display notifications).

    If I remove advert object from my project at C3 game runs perfectly.

    I don't know if I need to add something more at Building process (Cordova/Android Studio), if somebody can help me with this would be great for future developers, because I know working with AdMob is a headache for everybody.

    Thank you!

    I'm leaving the project .c3p (without all my ID's obviously). ... t.c3p?dl=0

  • Did you manage to fix this issue? - there are several of us with the same problem.

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  • Many people on this forum is compleining about this.

    Also we lose our energies trying to make admob works exporting once and again to see a black screen.

    Official position?

  • This is what I'm talking about.. they always have an issue regarding this admob plugin.I have the same problem ,black screen issue and I wasted 50% of my time trying to figure it out what went wrong.

  • Hi there, please create an issue on our bug tracker.

    It makes our lives much easier, and your also likely to get responses much faster.

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