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Is a circular loading screen with code ready to use. No Animation.

    I can't load any damn ads in the games!! All I get is a black screen or the game freezes!

    C3 is the worse s**t ever, C2 didn't have this kind of problems at all, even when saving events.... IF YOU STILL USES C2 OR THINKING OF BUYING C3, I SAY DON'T! IT SO MANY BUGS AND NO DAMN SUPPORT

    I had problems to implement "mobile advert" in the past. But now i´m showing ads.

    I gave up trying to implement Admob via the Mobile Advert object - in the end I saved myself more bother by just buying the Ultimate Ads plugin in the scirra store - works a treat.

    £10 is well worth the headaches you’ll no longer have.

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    How is possible a plugin developed by a 3rd person is performing better than the native "mobile advert"? (now I know how to implementing and its ok, but in the past gives me a lot of headhache. For me is good because I use apksigner, but I can understand the compleints of other users that uses other methods.)

    Maybe scirra should give a salary to this developer or buy his plugin. By the way, give also a salary to rex and make all his plugins official.

    As far as I'm aware, the Mobile Ad plugin is working for the majority of users. If you have issues with C3 please file a bug here following all the guidelines:

    Please note some of that language is not acceptable on this forum, so closing.

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