When adding a new Sprite anybody else having issues with using Art tools?

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  • I am a teacher who has been having trouble getting the program to load up and consistently be able to use the Art portion of the program it seems as though you can't get the color fill or anything to work after we add a sprite. I have noticed this over the last few weeks and now it is becoming an issue in my class. I was hoping it was something that might pass but it has not gone away.

    We have 30 chromebooks plus my computer. Depends on the day of which one has the issue. As a developer I am worried I will not be able to use this with my projects which it was my computer that had the issue today. I even tried the beta and stable 142 to see if there was anything different still same issue.

    Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • So I have updated my computer, updated chrome and not coming across anything that will reset the ability to add a color.

    I have opened a saved project hoping to be able to use it that way but it takes objects that have color and if I change the color makes it clear.

    Just updating what I have tried

  • I jumped over to microsoft edge and the art editor is working but with chrome books we typically are using chrome.

    We have also experienced some cursor issues with it not lining up with where you click. Not sure if that makes sense either.

    I hope this is not a chrome issue with construct.

  • I have downloaded the stable desktop version and it has been working great. But that is not helping my students with the chrome book issues.

    Has anyone else been having this issue with the art editor not showing the color?

  • redmachine124

    Recently we spotted a subtle problem with the Animations Editor, if you click on any of the color swatches with their default value of transparent black, that color will be set to be used to draw.

    If you try to pick a different color from the main color picker, C3 preserves the alpha value, but because it is now 0, the new color remains fully transparent. Further more, C3 also preserves the luminance of the old color when you pick a new one, in this case the luminance is 0% because the old color is black. This all means that after the color is set to transparent black it makes it seem as if you can't change colors!

    This has been fixed for the next beta release, and shouldn't be too long before it lands in the next stable release.

    In the mean time, make sure the alpha value is different to 0. You can set it to 255 for a fully opaque color.

    Also make sure to check the position of the luminance slider (right below the main color picker), if it is all the way to the left, the color will always be black, if it is all the way to the right the color will always be white. The middle will give you the same color as the one picked in the color picker.

    You can also change the luminance of a color by changing to HSL color space (the very bottom of the color palette). The you can change the luminance value of the color manually, it ranges from 0% to 100%.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Thank you we will be using this method until it is fixed.

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