Adding Plugins/Behaviours/Effects in Addon manager

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  • They have to be added one by one? Also seems only .C3addon are accepted, so all the .FX / behaviours / Plugins previous on C2 not will work , so i can't import any project vecause all them have a lot of that.

    Hope in the next updates there is some "Plugin/behaviours/Effects" store.

    Also for .FX effects, i normally edit them, the .FX/.XML to add more properties or edit some values to get as i want. So, how i can edit the .FX in C3 ?

  • I wonder if there can be a thread/forum for C3 Addons so we can keep progress on that and add them as they go?

  • This would definitely be helpful. My team uses C2 extensively and a big challenge for us with regards to C3 adoption will be various plugin support (or functional equivalents and identifying steps necessary to convert existing projects over to these) so that we can maintain existing projects originally created with C2.

  • Construct 2 addon files can actually be used for effects as well. They just aren't used often.


    According to the blog the c3addon file format is similar. It also states that they want to release the sdk documentation early on during the beta.

    It also says c2 plugins mostly would require rewriting the edittime portion of them to port them over. As far as effects go I'd imagine it may be as simple as putting it in a c3addon file. We just need to wait for the sdk to find out the details.

  • R0J0hound i see, so, we are in Beta and you, Rexrainbow and all the coders that make C2 great with their plugins/behaviours/effects... still you don't have the C3 SDK to port your work ?

    I thought scirra already contacted with you and others to give the SDK to start porting but seems this is going to be slow.

    So i guess this month is for Besta test and in May will be release the version to pay/subscribe? Anybody knows?

  • matriax

    I had not got plugin SDK yet, thus I could not start porting...

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  • C3 has only been in public beta for a day. I'd expect them to iron out issues first before adding third party addons into the mix. Waiting longer to get the sdk is no big deal to me.

    I'm pretty sure they explain your other questions in the blog. As I recall, beta for a month, game jam last week and for sale after that.

  • Oh I see, then we just have to wait then!

  • I really hope its possible to simply write a patching type script that would make a construct 2 script construct 3 compatible, so that you guys can simply batch process all of your existing C2 scripts.

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