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  • I have a game written in C3 which is being built for Android and iOS which is working fine with one exception. I have banner adds defined using the standard Mobile Advert plugin and have this configured for my AdMob account. In the code I have two different banners and have been manually commenting out the android/iOS ones as needed. The plugin is not set to serve test ads

    On Android, the ads run fine and the same is also true on the iOS simulator (albeit they are showing as test ads in that case). When I build and push to the App Store, the ads are not present. You can see this in the two versions below, ads are setup to start showing when you tap play.

    iOS version is not showing ads

    But the Android version is working fine

    Any thoughts on this? Do I need to put the loading script for the ads further up in the app loading cyle? Its annoying because any test I am doing on this has to wait on app review so its taking almost a day to get a potential fix to the store each time


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