How to actually enter the array editor?

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  • Every Fall, I teach a game design course using Construct 3. Since I don't teach that course in the Spring, it's always a pleasant surprise to return to the world of Construct after a seven month absence. There are so many awesome new features (e.g. timelines, the moveTo behavior, and the integration of JavaScript)and I cannot wait to check them out.

    I'm trying to find a decent tutorial or forum post which explains how to use the Array Editor in Construct 3. Unfortunately, most of the resources I have found so far are using old versions of Construct before the array editor was introduced.

    I had some luck with the array editor last year, but it's not behaving quite as I remember it. I am able to create a new array, but have not been able to edit the array contents.

    In previous years, I remember right-clicking on the array and selecting an option that spawned an array editor. It looked a bit like a spreadsheet, and this was a convenient interface that students already understood from Microsoft Excel. It looked like this:

    In the new version, I cannot figure out how to bring up the array so I can populate it. I've definitely added the Array object to the project, and I've added a new array in the project window. However, the editor is not an option. There is also a new option which allows me to manipulate array instance variables. That option sounds cool, but I don't think it's what I need.

    What am I missing? How do I fire up the array editor so I can populate contents via that interface?

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  • right click the files-folder and press New->Array. then open the json file, the array editor shows up!

    then load the json to your array in your event sheet.

    that's at least how I did it :)

  • Thank you! This works! :)

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