Can you access Spine Properties (json, atlas and png paths) in Event Sheet?

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  • Hello,

    Is it possible to update Spine Properties in event sheets?

    1) .json path

    2) .atlas path

    3) .png path

    I wanted to have only 1 Spine animation and on every level it would update to a new animation. I wanted to do it in Construct 3 event sheets but I can't find any way to access those properties. Am I blind or is it not possible to access them in event sheets?

    The problem is that on the start of each level game will choose 1 of 5 Spine animations so I wanted to do it in Event Sheet and evade the task of creating 5 Spine animations to hide/unhide and enable/disable on start of each level (so I would have only 1 Spine animation object instead of 5).

    Can I access the Spine properties in event sheets?


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