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  • I'm asking just to see if there's anything I can learn...

    I'm confident that I know that C2 files are not compatible with Unreal or Unity editors given that C2 is HTML5-based and the others are not, but my teammates are more adept at the latter two while I am more familiar with C2's workings. Is there any possible work-around to open the files in the more advanced editors?

    As I said, I'm sure the answer is that they are not at all compatible...but it doesn't hurt to ask.

  • I can only speak for Unity but Sfx, music, and graphics can be ported to any engine. Tilemaps too if you use Tiled2Unity or another plugin.

    The closest way you can get code ported over to Unity is using something like Playmaker or PlyBlox/PlyGame.

    Unreal engine has Blueprints which is visual coding too.

    If you are working in 3D I recomend the other engines and just use Construct to prototype their ideas.

    The other two engines are also better for collaborative game development. I recommend GitHub for that.

    Unity is phasing out its JavaScript-like syntax so none of the Construct "code" in its events and their underlying plugins (not recommending you do this, their languages and engines benefit from a different way of coding anyway) are really usable for you otherwise though, but a good prototype can easily convey ideas to your team.

    Not everyone will need to be able to code in a team. If you can prototype and make maps/levels in their engine choice you should be okay.

    Otherwise, Construct is easy enough to learn that the other team members can switch to it

  • I'm in the same situation. I'm way more comfortable in Construct than I am in Unity, and have been using C3 to prototype ideas and layouts, which I can share with my team easily via the web. The game itself is being built in Unity3D, but a lot of time it is easy to visualize and demonstrate how ideas would work in a top-down 2D view. C3 is great for this purpose.

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  • To answer your question simply, they aren't compatible at all, in terms of code. They are VERY different systems.

  • To answer your question simply, they aren't compatible at all, in terms of code. They are VERY different systems.

    Thanks. That was all I needed to know.

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