The absolute need for GUI system/plugin

  • The main issue I see here is the lack of a simple way of layouting various elements. A better way of controlling their placement. (As Fengist also pointed out)

    You proved your point even better than you imagined...

    I had to disable the 'worker' which crashes any project on my laptop.

    Failed to load texture: ReferenceError: document is not defined
     at C3.Gfx.WebGLRendererTexture._CreateStatic (texture.js:1)
     at C3.Gfx.WebGLRenderer.CreateStaticTexture (webglRenderer.js:1)
     at Object.func (webglRenderer.js:1)
     at c (asyncify.js:1)
     at b (asyncify.js:1)
    (anonymous)  imageAsset.js:1
    Promise.catch (async)
    LoadStaticTexture  imageAsset.js:1
    LoadStaticTexture  imageInfo.js:1
    LoadTextures  type.js:1
    LoadTextures  objectClass.js:1
    _Load  layout.js:1
    Start  runtime.js:1
    Init  runtime.js:1
    async function (async)
    Init  runtime.js:1
    self.C3_InitRuntime  runtime.js:1
    a  0e643a61-99d1-4bba-81d4-a8b8db3efbaa:1
    (anonymous)  0e643a61-99d1-4bba-81d4-a8b8db3efbaa:1
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  • So we basically needs something like the "container" from CSS-Flexbox but that works with actual "world" object instances.

  • If we had to choose a CSS analogue, Grid would be far more preferable than Flexbox

  • Both would have their use-case I guess... however both would probably be hard to implement. :(

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