The absolute need for GUI system/plugin

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  • The main issue I see here is the lack of a simple way of layouting various elements. A better way of controlling their placement. (As Fengist also pointed out)

    You proved your point even better than you imagined...

    I had to disable the 'worker' which crashes any project on my laptop.

    Failed to load texture: ReferenceError: document is not defined
     at C3.Gfx.WebGLRendererTexture._CreateStatic (texture.js:1)
     at C3.Gfx.WebGLRenderer.CreateStaticTexture (webglRenderer.js:1)
     at Object.func (webglRenderer.js:1)
     at c (asyncify.js:1)
     at b (asyncify.js:1)
    (anonymous)  imageAsset.js:1
    Promise.catch (async)
    LoadStaticTexture  imageAsset.js:1
    LoadStaticTexture  imageInfo.js:1
    LoadTextures  type.js:1
    LoadTextures  objectClass.js:1
    _Load  layout.js:1
    Start  runtime.js:1
    Init  runtime.js:1
    async function (async)
    Init  runtime.js:1
    self.C3_InitRuntime  runtime.js:1
    a  0e643a61-99d1-4bba-81d4-a8b8db3efbaa:1
    (anonymous)  0e643a61-99d1-4bba-81d4-a8b8db3efbaa:1
  • So we basically needs something like the "container" from CSS-Flexbox but that works with actual "world" object instances.

  • If we had to choose a CSS analogue, Grid would be far more preferable than Flexbox

  • Both would have their use-case I guess... however both would probably be hard to implement. :(

  • Well I was waiting for C3 to have something like this...

    But seems that if I'm serious on doing UI on my games I will have to pay for something separately.

  • eka You can do all of that in C3 already. You would just be paying somebody to do the tedious part if you buy that.

    Note: If there's a part you don't understand how to do, ask the forum. There are plenty of people willing to at least explain the basics. Buying a template is also a good way to figure out the things you don't know how to do.

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  • Haven´t bought this plugin (yet?) but it looks really useful. Especially the grid view and scroll view.

    You would just be paying somebody to do the tedious part if you buy that.

    Of course, that´s the essence of most products and services. I actually have my own little plugin for buttons (and most other stuff the plugin does I have done with simple events), but the mentioned scroll & grid view... look tempting and I´m not 100% sure how I´d approach this with native construct. If paying 20 bucks saves me more than 2-3 hours of work, maybe even work that I don´t wanna do, that´s 20 bucks well spend.

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