Ability to check if the device OS is paused or not.

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  • I am developing on mobile devices, and the ability to determine if the game still has focus is extremely important. The game can be interrupted by users pressing the back or home button, or when receiving an incoming phone call or when another app comes into the foreground. Having this ability will allow developers to pause the game, save the current state or do other stuff that is required when the game is forced into the background.

    I believe that this should be a core feature, especially when targeting mobile devices.

    Please make this happen. (I'm down on my knees begging)

    PS - I've already submitted this to the Construct 3 suggestions and ideas. If any developers are targeting mobile devices, please vote. The title of the idea is the title of this post.

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  • Use the Browser object On suspended/On resumed triggers.

  • Hi Ashley,

    Awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! I will try this out.

    I am loving Construct 3 so far.

  • Hi Ashley,

    Still doesn't work. This hasn't been a problem when I was using Construct 2.

    I've submitted a bug report on Github, please check.

    Thank you.

  • thank you. i will try it .

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