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  • 3D Sprite Object - 2D Style Pixel Art or Cell Shaded Real Time Rendered 3D model sprites.

    I have stuck this request on the suggestions forum if anyone fancies voting

    Its a massive long shot. But it would be ace.

    I am not talking about a full 3D engine.   What I am talking about would be like a sprite object that you could drop into the game.  But instead of containing a 2D sprite it would contain a 3D model.

    However, for all purposes the game would treat it as 2D sprite with a 2D collision box.

    It would likely only need to be orthographic 3D  i.e. no perspective but maybe that could be an option.

    Instead of 2D animation frames you would have poses, rotations, model swaps.

    There would be basic lighting options.

    But the main thing is that there would be shader options to set pixel resolution with restricted colour palette, or a cell shaded option. This would be real time rendering in the style that you need.

    This is one of the big reasons companies use 3D engines for 2D games is the work involved in updating 2D pixel art animated sprites


    This guy is trying to do the pixel art thing here.  



    But to have this a feature in Construct 3 as a plug in .... OMG

    the suggestion (same text) https://construct3.ideas.aha.io/ideas/C3-I-180

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  • Scirra

    Guys , just wondering why you merged my suggestion with the other 3D suggestion?

    One is asking for 3D backgrounds

    And mine is asking for the ability to display a 3D model like a 2D sprite.

    they are totally different ideas.

    This means only one of two things.

    Either someone at Scirra is not reading the suggestions properly or....

    That scirra is bunching all 3D related requests into one,

    because scirra is already considering going 3D?

    ( a "2D" fixed view plane 3D engine ? Would make sense...)

    I suppose u could be dumping all 3D related suggestions together in the same "will never see the light of day 3D suggestions" bin... but im going with one of the others.

  • Here you can find a shader that renders a real 3D cube inside a sprite. You can texture them and use sprite animations:

    Is not a plugin, is a .FX and only works with a cube that can be sized in XYZ.

    But yes a plugin or something that you can show 3D things inside a sprite or object will be great.

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