Some 3D features coming soon

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    Was posted on April 1st, but the 3D and functionality looks so real to me! 😍

  • Yea i saw the youtube video. If it is a prank, i find it strange. Joking about features that "is so silly to think you will be getting with construct 3", that we had in the past. 3D box anyone?

    It is not smart to joke about adding features that are feasible. In fact very stupid.

    But if its not a joke, i am excited! :)

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  • After watching it on youtube i was confused to upvote or to downvote it.

    Its such a stupid idea to post this great possible feature as an maybe april fools joke, that i feel mixed about this.

    Is it a cool feature? Yes. Was it a fun joke if its an april fool? No. If its true, was it wise to post it on first of april? No.

    So i dont know how to think about this. All i have now is hopes up for having simple 3D.

  • It looks 98% real to me! He's just playing with our hearts for fun 😉

  • Its completely doable, for what it is. The thing is some 3d means everyone will want a lot of 3d.

    Im pretty sure just the nagging from me and everybody else for plane 2d would pale in comparison to the headaches of true 3d.

  • What ashley showed in that video, was not enough to justify the joke of "a full 3d engine in the works!". Since there are plugins that do 3d, and we had the 3d box object way back. Are those plugins a joke to them?

    If he faked like a unreal 3d engine pasted over construct 3, the joke would make sense. In other words if it was over the top.

    Joking about a feature that some of us would like to see (not a full fledged 3d engine, but maybe some 3d tools) i find a tad weird.

    We have the z height, yet he did not claim he needed to implement a full 3d engine because of it. was a joke that is.

  • I asked, recently about a z for the mesh object, which would make considerably more sense than just a box, and a triangle. The answer was that he had no plans to make a depth buffer.

    Unless this April Fools joke turns in to a Easter miracle.

  • Yeah, if it's a joke i think it will end up back firing on them. Strange thing to joke about a feature people want.

  • There was no comment about it on the latest release

    But perhaps it could still be coming in a beta release soon.

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