Will we get a 3d Environment in Construct someday ?

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  • I am not talking about whole 3d game Software. I am just talking about 3d Environment (Hope it makes sense).

    from 3d environment i mean where we can rotate images in 3 dimensions. something like Camtasia Video Editor. where we can rotate images in 3 dimensions. and we can push images in z Axis. A real 3d depth.

    How it would be? if Construct bring this feature here.

  • They said something about "rudimentary 3d capabilities" being planned for the future but that is more about having some Z-depth. I'd rather have C3 concentrate on being a well made 2D engine and 3D is a whole different beast.

  • Don't expect a true 3d environment. You could possibly see a z for a camera view if we get sprite deformations, but that's it. No 3d collisions, or quaternion expressions, or mesh animations, etc.

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  • Even if Construct 3 did have a 3D environment. It still would most likely be that Unity 3D would still have the better 3D environment, because the Unity Team are experts on 3D as the Construct Team are experts on regards to HTML5 2D.

    If you want more 2.5D support, then Construct 3 might get that. But that maybe is still in the long future and it would also be pretty limited. It may not be the 3D environment you expect, it may just be for handling support with Top-View perspectives.

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