3D Camera drawing order issue

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  • I'm getting some strange overlapping issues with the new 3D camera and these 3D objects (Trees- all sides off except 1 image that has erased pixels around the trees. Walls - default 3D object with different sides colored in sprite editor). I have the layer set to Rendering Mode: 3D and Draw Order set to "Camera Distance" like in the examples.... The back wall seems to be ok, but not the side ones for some reason...

    This image shows the rendering mode on the layer set to Camera Distance and if I set it to the default Z order mode, the tops of the tree's show the bounding box issue.

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  • Transparency in 3D is complicated. If something transparent draws before something behind it, the transparency will still fill in the depth buffer, and thus occlude anything behind it.

    You need to make sure anything transparent draws last, in camera distance order. The way the first-person shooter template does this is to put all opaque scenery on one layer, and then all billboards with transparency on their own layer above that, with the camera distance draw order.

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