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  • Hi !

    Although step litterally means "pas", in French we essentially use this term for the movement someone is doing when walking, or in a very figurative way. To define a step in any other process, we rather use "étape" or "phase". So the current translation feels really fuzzy to me. So I thought we should discuss this here, and find and select the better terms according to context.

    To begin, here is a bunch of basic synonyms of "pas" I just looked for :

    "arrêt", "période", "phase", "échelon", "étape", "niveau", "palier", "stade".

  • Well that explains why everyone says Im so good at faux pas.

  • In the case of step, I feel the issue is that one term won't fit all.

    Depending on the context one term would fit and some other time another.

    This is more a per case basis I feel here.

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  • Yes, that's what I think too. I'll begin to search one for the bullet behavior, that kinda bothers me.

  • In this particular case, "étape" would be the better choice. The bullet moves "step by step", or "étape par étape".

  • Hi again !

    Well we discussed that some months ago, but "Pas" is always the official translation. I agree with Magistross. "Pas" could be translated by "Etape", and "Au pas" by "Par étape". That would feel much more natural.

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