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  • My students are trying to upload their creations and we keep getting a message, "Required file 'c2runtime.js' is missing from zip archive.

    What should we do?

    Thank You

  • Need more information, really.

    Where are you trying to upload the games?

    If it's the scirra arcade, then are you certain you are using the built-in 'export to arcade' option?

    If you are uploading to another server then which export option are you using? Also, what does the browser erro console have to say?

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  • Hello, I dont want to start new thread, so I share this C2runtime upload screen here. I dont know what to do, in my zip file the file C2runtime is there, but for some reason, the upload page will not accept my file. I used Construct 3 and I tried it several times. Its just test game, not much there, but it should upload, or not? I used export to arcade option. Thanks for any help.

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