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  • Well, many people that uses Construct 2 don't understand or understand little the English, so they would like to learn to use Costruct 2 in your native languaje, My question is the next Could I translate some Manuals Of COnstruct 2 to Spanish? There is some   problem?

    I only going to translate the information existing, That will be My only contribution. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I think this is a great and altruist attitude!

    Good luck!!

  • We intend to add the same translation system the tutorials system has to the manual in future. Hopefully it won't be too long!

  • Hi! I started translating parts of the Spanish program, just some menus. There is still a lot, but if you want to upload up to what I have done.

  • Hello!

    I took several days translating and formatting the Construct 2 manual and I'm reading in full!. Along with xmoggo and other users. Lack put verb forms correctly and make sense of some translations ... It takes a lot of work!!. I encourage you to for help me, here you can see it. This in its updated version V.126

    I also would be very interested in having the program in Spanish Construct 2.

    Translation work here:

  • linkaevolution y SergioRM que tal amigos! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Lo importante aqu? es que la comunidad de habla hispana participe tambi?n activamente como los que hablan ingles y que el idioma no sea un limitante.

    SergioRM he visto el blog del que me hablas y es un gran trabajo pero igual me gustaria que tambien aqui en el foro existiera mas participaci?n y como de los que puedan preguntar en espa?ol y los que pudieran responder.

    Y pues tratare de aportar con algunas traducciones cada que pueda.


  • any can help to send me indonesian language (bahasa)??

  • aanimation are you from indonesia?

  • Realmente importante todos los esfuerzos que se hagan para traducir manual y tutoriales al espa?ol. El trabajo de SergioRM es impecable, lo mismo que su p?gina.

    Yo estoy en Colombia queriendo hacer un juego de plataforma para concientizar a los ni?os sobre la necesidad de la paz. Pero mis limitaciones en ingl?s me hacen ir leeennntoooo...

    Si logramos conformar un grupo en nuestra lengua ser?a extraordinario. Par m? y para muchos otros.

  • Bueno he visto que el traductor de google hace aceptablemente su labor, pero como dije antes nuestra participaci�n en el foro con preguntas lanzadas en espa�ol debe aumentar para que la comunidad hispanoparlante cresca aqui.


  • Please stick to English on the forum, thanks.

  • Ashley, for those who speak in Spanish is very important to create a forum in our language.

    I think you can understand. And we appreciate it.

  • molucawa for anyone here I mean, so, better start your own community or find one Spanish on the affiliate forums and communities.

    I manage the where all Brazilians have their space in portuguese (pt-br) to ask and share their knowledge.

    Our community is going well, everything paid for the next 10 years, stable, secure, etc.

    If you need help or wanna a space for who speak Spanish, there, I'll appreciate and will open a new sub-forum just for you.

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  • TELLES0808

    I think I would like to have unofficial c2 forum exclusively for who speak spanish to avoid heavy traffic, you should stick with portuguese language on your site.

    I haven't seen a forum for who speak spanish.

  • I understand Ashley

    Ok guys, We continue making games

    let's go!!

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