Any other teachers in NSW Australia?

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  • Hi all,

    I've only just come across Construct in my search to find a 2d sdk to teach next year in my high school in NSW Australia. I'm keen to see if there are any other computer teachers out there who use this sdk or perhaps use a different sdk to try and introduce games development as a course at your school.

    We're currently delivering Games Study and Development as a form of Information and Software Technology for Stage 5 students. The students seem to love it over the past 2 years, however it has been difficult to balance the different areas of game development and cater to so many different mind sets and skills sets. I used Unity 3d last year with some success, however, students found the Javascript programming a little hard to grasp with only 10 weeks allocated to the unit of work. The year before I used the UDK and that was a big mistake. It's overly complex and doesn't allow for ease of programming and customisation - so that one died with that year.

    Are there any other Board of Studies based courses that teachers are using around the state and perhaps would like to collaborate in creating a theory and practical based Games development course for the NSW syllabus?

  • I'm not a teacher per se, but have just completed my Bachelors of Game Design and Interactivity at Swinburne, and as part of my studies there had to teach my fellow classmates how to use this engine for the games we worked on.

  • Awesome, did it work well in the environment? I'm curious if you used existing tutorials or made your own?

  • It was interactive, so I told them what they needed to do, let them try it for 10 mins, and if they failed or succeeded to do it, we took a quick look at the code, then I'd show them a more efficient way (if there was one) and go on. After about 3 weeks, they were fine to do most of the minor parts of the code for our final year project.

  • Sounds pretty good then. I'll be taking a whole year to teach Construct 2 and 2d graphics - should be interesting as I'm mainly a programmer

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  • Well, if you need as hand, feel free to hit me up.

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