How to setup a scoreboard using firebase api

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  • Hi guys here is a video i made to explain how to get the leader board using firebase working. This is my first video and I plan on making more videos explaining how to do certain things in construct 2.

    I will be creating more tutorials on how to use rex plugins.

  • I couldn't play the video in HD, so I couldn't make out anything on the screen. So that would stop anyone from using it, reupload a higher res version. The highest I could play it at was at 360p - not good for a tutorial video where you need to see things on the screen.

    also the music is a little dramatic for a learning tutorial. and not to nitpick but it's "two buttons" not "too buttons"

  • Hi! I totally agree with jobel

    I liked your tutorial but I would add some things:

    • attach a sample capx to the tutorial (it is easier to understand it if you have the capx and this way nobody will miss any step or do anything wrong)
    • if you do a tutorial on Firebase API, it is very important to explain how to set up the Firebase account and the Firebase database etc.
    • I think it is easier to follow a tutorial if you hear the instructions than if you have to read them, but that's only my opinion
  • Hi guys thanks for the reply. And I completely agree with you both, the lack of quality is due to me being so new to the youtube thing. However I will upload an HD video as soon as possible. As for the voiced commentary, I will be doing those as soon as I get the required equipment because I don't want you to hear horrible audio now lol.

    Thanks again for the reply and please dont forget to subscribe for more tutorials ... dui35g9oLQ

    P.S all my other videos are HD.

  • Has anybody got any update regarding this issue? We really need a capx. That would really help a lot.

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  • Hi guys I updated this video today here is the link. You will also be getting a more detailed tutorial and the capx will be in the last video's description.

    Link to playlist:

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