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  • Hi! I didn’t find anything like this in the forums, feel free to send me a link if I missed it.

    I teach several courses and classes with Construct 2 at an institute called Escuela Da Vinci, in Buenos Aires. Today I met a class where one kid had severe motor limitations. He can’t speak, but manages reasonably well by raising his hand and nodding and shaking his head, and he’s got a therapeutic companion (is that the phrase?) who’s really supportive. He moves the mouse cursor with a pad placed at his feet on his wheelchair and types with Windows’ screen keyboard.

    He did well on this 1st class, making a simple platformer and even drawing simple characters with the rectangle tool, but he did struggle a little with doing things quickly and especially took a long time to type anything and to have the mouse cursor from one end of the screen to the other in order to reach any object’s properties.

    I’m pretty confident he’s got what it takes to pass the class (I’ll be seeing him every Monday till December), but I wondered if any of you folk had found similar situations or had any recommendations for me. I think next time I’ll set his C2 layout so all the menus are on the left of the screen and maybe I’ll avoid Projects/Layers and Objects/Tilemap tabs, instead going for having all those windows visible at once.

    Any thoughts?

    Update: I’m thinking something along these lines:

  • edit. also it might be worth letting him use the free web C3 version as you can zoom the browser to make everything really big and easier to use.

    Can he hold his head still and move his eyes. Eye tracking software / hardware is getting quite sophisticated these days.

    Not sure if it is up to navigating lots of small buttons but it might be.

    Windows 10 introduced built in eye tracking

    I don’t know what hardware you need but Ive seen some pretty slick vids of non-disabled people using quite successfully.

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  • Ah that’s cool! I’ll have to check with him. I remember him wobbling his head so it might not be an option, but very cool nonetheless.

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