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  • I'm a teacher and was looking into purchasing C2 to make some learning apps for my students. I was interested in some exploration like games like the old Sierra\Kings Quest ones. Would Construct 2 be suited for that? Mainly point and click, but with an inventory and background/foreground to walk in? I know there's a creator out there for Sierra games, but I was wanting it to be able to port to phones\tablets. Thanks for any info!

  • Yeah don't see any problem making games similar to king quests or to make them work for phones or tablets. There are some software aimed at making adventure games, but I cant remember what its called maybe someone else can? and i haven't tried it my self so whether its better or not I have no clue. But from I remembered when reading there website it is aimed only for that, so if you plan on maybe making other types of game in the future, I would recommend going for C2.

  • well if you just aim for adventure games only (which i would´t recommend honestly...don´t limit your students) there are lots of softwares dedicated to that like visionair studio for example

  • I second Visionaire as a more useful Point-n-Click creation tool. It's is ridiculously easy to get to grasp with (do the tutorial) and has a very useful free edition that you can test out for yourself.

    I've always believed in using the right tool for the right job, and Visionaire(simple event driven) or Wintermute (free, but uses scripting) are more appropriate than C2 in this instance.

  • Thanks for the tip! I did look at Visionaire and noticed that there is no saving progress on android. That could be a bit of a problem for a long adventure learning game. And I'm not totally tied to Sierra type games, I just figured that was where I would start. I guess I should ask though, does Construct allow saving progress on android? (I took a poll, it's what most of my parents have)

  • I guess I should ask though, does Construct allow saving progress on android? (I took a poll, it's what most of my parents have)

    Yes, the save function works anywhere, including Android and you can definitely develop Sierra or Lucasfilm/SCUMM-like game with C2.

    Tools like those already mentioned, or also like the Adventure Game Studio, that are focused on this specific genre will make life easier at first but C2 portability is unique

    Good luck!

  • There's also an adventure game system available for Unity, which seems quite decent. It's called Adventure Creator. With Unity, you get more flexibility, against a more complex worklfow. So if your students don't have a bit of experience with game creation already, visionary may be a better pick.

  • Visionaire on Mobile export - "The fee of 490€ has to be paid per game." - OUCH!

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