Need teacher on multiplayer object (paying hourly)

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  • Yes, I've read the tutorials by Ashley about the multiplayer object. I understood the whole concept of multiplayer, syncing the objects, associate peers with the object that they have to control, sending the inputs to the host, etcetc.

    The problem is, I've been working on a game for the iOS and I've been trying to figure out the multiplayer object on my game, but I can't seem to make it work, because the concept of my game is way different than the ones in the tutorial (Real Time & Pong). So that confuses me alot, because the way that the character is controlled in my game is different, etcetc.

    If someone can teach me online (skype), I'll be more than happy to even pay you hourly. Let me know here if you are interested.

  • I just finished a series of C2 MP class here(16hr). What kind of game you are going to design?

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  • Basically 4 players starts off on the left side of the screen, races each there by flying to the left side of the screen while avoiding flying rocks along the way...

  • In my design concept, ping example uses FSM and multiplayer doesn't. That's the main difference of those two examples besides movement prediction.

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