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    Hey, I have decided to start recording some useful, hopefully, tutorials to show some basic stuff for people who got very, very basic knowledge. I'm trying to show what to do with this basic knowledge.

    My english isn't that good though but that's one of the reasons I started making these tutorials - I want to improve it. I hope some of you will enjoy it, thanks!

    Here is one of my videos:


  • Well done!

    Thank you for tuto man, I like this camera effect :D

  • Thanks and no problem man that is total pleasure for me. :)

  • Very good tutorial. Thank you! :)

  • Very helpful video, thanks a lot ;)

  • Thank you. Keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks for your good words! I appreciate it. I am quite busy creating arts to the game I am creating. You can check it out there:

    Official Knight's Tale Topic

    I don't have Construct 2 license yet, though (22$ out of 119$ collected so far) so I am just creating art stuff and basic mechanics.

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  • Sorry for lack of any tutorials recently but I've been busy working on the Knight's Tale art. You can listen to what I have to say right there:


    <font size="4">and if you would like to suppport me by donating or just take a look at the game I'm working on:


    I've also already uploaded a short tutorial about how to add a moderate jump strength to the character based on how long we hold the jump button. Peace!

  • Awesome Job !!!

  • I've been really busy recently and I just started creating a game with a friend of mine 3 days ago that is going to be released totally for free. I will try to put more video tutorials as soon as possible, if you got any suggestions just say it here or inbox me!

    See you. :)

  • Nice video tutorial :)!!

  • Keep making Awesome Tutorials! Construct 2 needs this kind of exsposure.great work

  • Subbed! Thanks for the channel.

  • :-/

    This video is private.

    Sorry about that.

    is there any issue why this is private ?

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