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  • Because of their difficultes with classic of mathematics : operation, I decide to make mathematics games. The first game I presented to my student was a catastrophe. I'm not a player : I need help !

    I ask to my student for ideas and addicitive classic game.

    Then I decide to adapt this classic game to mathemtics.

    The first game is an adaptation of Doodle Jump :

    The second game is an adaptation of Flappy Bird :

    The last one (for the moment) is an adaptation of Asteroids (for this game it was my proposition) :

    I just want to have feedback. Is it a good idea, are the game easy to play. I'm afraid of a new catastrophe.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for my english.

  • I think the games are too challenging for educational games. They will provoke rather frustration than fun learning through games. Try to make them slower and a little bit easier to play.

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  • Thanks for the feedback. I will add on option for level of difficulties. Thanks a lot for that return !

  • Asmodean, van you telle me wich game do you try ? Thanks

  • I tried all three. The Doodle Jump clone is quite ok but I think for very young kids it could be to fast.

    The Flappy Birds Clone is very frustrating for me. I have to look to the equation on the top, and then find the solution on the main screen and then i have very few time to steer the fish to the right solution. For me its way to hectic.

    The Asteroids is little hectic as well. For a normal game I would say it is OK, but for educational purpose it is a little hard. I think the ship is a little to big and in the beginning there are to many asteroids and they are to fast. I would raise slowly the speed and number of asteroids after every solved equation.

  • I had the same impression, yesterday,

    but i lacked the courage to be negative, and i lack English to be diplomatic.

    I agree with Asmodean, i also have HUGE respect for you (a teacher) trying to reach modern kids.

    So, plz, dont give this up.

    What age are they ? btw ?

  • I'm a professor for professionnal student (both at school and at work). About 50% of them had big difficulies at school. They have from 15 to 20 years old. But the majority have less than 18 years old.

    Don't be afraid about diplomatic. I'm not here to defend my game but just to have a lot of feedback.

    For the doodle jump, I make an upgrade this morning with a tutoriel and a new choice in the option's menu with level option.

    The option menu is very important to chose what type of operator you want to learn.

    Thanks for feedback. This evening I will make an upgrade for Asteroid.

  • I like your ideas. I have many educational games and I believe it is a good niche to explore.

  • Thanks jogosgratispro. For sure it's a good idea. But it's difficult to make game student like to play. That's why I post here my game to have comment. These feedbacks could upgrade the plaisure of playing for these "serious game".

    For me, the real difficulty is to make an eduction game but that could be fun.

    Asmodean and 99Instances2Go, after your feedback I make on upgrade of Asteroid with mathematics. Thanks for all !

  • Asteroids is way better now, i like it.

  • Asteroids is way better now, i like it.

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback Asmodean, this forum is very cool for that !

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