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  • Greetings C2 Comunity,

    my Name is Philipp, I'm 31 Years old and new to C2. I want to learn the basics of Game Development through this tool, before I continue to different Stuff like C#/Java/Python.

    After playing around with C2 for a bit now, I think C2 will help me to get a good start into the Development of Games. My Aim here is to finish a simple Game and build more complex Games with everyone I've finished.

    So, the Tutorials provided on this page are cool and Stuff, but I'm looking for something different:

    I'm looking for a Teacher, who gives me different Challenges with rising complexity, starting with "easy" stuff like "Do a Top-Down Shooter like in the Tutorial, but add this and that and explain how" to harder stuff like "Make an roguelike Game with random Dungeon System and Inventory System" (these both are Examples).

    You may ask, why I don't set Challenges for myself. Well, this is because I'm not that deep in the whole procedure and I think, someone who has more expierence in this whole thing would be way better to set me Challenges and Explain to me, what I have done right or what I have done wrong.

    I'm willing to learn and I like to get good critics.

    Preferable in German, but English is ok too.

    Is there someone, who is willing to help me with that? If yes, just send me an PM

    With kind Regards,


    PS: Thanks in Advance and sorry for my bad English

  • Ich bin nicht wirklich erfahren genug um dir Herausforderungen zu stellen.

    Jedoch vielleicht einige Denkanstöße (müssen garnicht immer komplette Spiele sein, sondern können einfach nur (sozusagen modular) Spielelemente sein, die mman - wenn man sie einmal verstanden hat, in seine Spiele mit einbauen kann):

    • Dialogsystem (Texte aus einer Textdatei importieren und dann über Funktionen "abspielen")
    • Itemsystem (so ein wenig der objektorientierte Ansatz, jedes Item hat verschiedene Eigenschaften, die sich dann auf einen oder mehre exemplarische Spielecharaktere auswirken sollen (schnellere Bewegung, mehr HP, sowas in der Art, neue Fähigkeiten verleihen); die Itemeigenschaften werden wieder aus einer externen Datei geholt, die man im einem Texteditor erstellt hat und alles Nötige enthält)
    • Speichersystem (vielleicht ja deinen Charakter mit der Itemausrüstung abspeichern und ein Level wieder in den Zustand versetzen können, in dem es war)
    • Ein Labyrinth generieren lassen und eine optische Präsentation davon erstellen
    • Die Karte für ein Roguelike generieren lassen
    • ein Shmup bauen mit möglichst vielen oder kreativen Arten von Bewegungen / Schussmustern, ....
  • There is no right or wrong way to do any game style. There are basic scripts we use for specific actions and those are used in all games but the real game is more about the graphics, sounds and how it involves the player and challenges them.

    The best game designers also play lots and lots of games and look for ideas in games they play and try to emulate that.

    Here is a challenge for you: Create a top down shooter that uses a Turret behavior to automatically shoot down enemies as the scroll in.

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  • The best game designers also play lots and lots of games and look for ideas in games they play and try to emulate that.

    I just had to chime in for the fun of it. Love the quote.

    Yes! It is true we play alot of games, but you also have to understand what makes the game do what it does by reading tons of how to books, blogs and watch videos on the subjects also.

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