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  • If you are in search of a great Game design Curriculum check out GAME:IT from STEM Fuse.

    Game:IT is an introductory course to game design and development that engages students in project-based learning. From the first lessons to the last lesson students navigate through guided tutorials building 5 NEW games!

    After 4 weeks of learning various skills that go into building games students spend the bulk of the remaining course building 5 unique games that test and enhance different coding skills. Following the 5 original games, students spend 3 weeks building their very own unique game. Game:IT is about building games, but also hits all state and national CTE standards. Beyond building games, students learn the components of how gaming is used in the "real" world, what goes into designing good games, what separates good games from bad games, the gaming and engineering design cycle, and much more. To see a full list of what is covered in the course see the teacher's guide below.

    Game:IT 2.0 keeps with the same principles that made Game:IT a success. We listened to teachers and adapted thier best practices into our new curriculum. This 18 week (90 hour) course offers flexibility for your school. Game:IT can be taught as a stand-alone elective, as part of a CTE program, as a supplement to math or physics classes or even as an after school or summer learning program.

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