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  • Hi folks,

    I'm experiencing a problem when I load the exported my HTML5 game to Scorm Cloud, (https://cloud.scorm.com) it works via laptop, communication with the LMS works which is great. But when I try to access via mobile (iphone, iPad etc) construct2 loader freezes (doesn't even start).

    I've prepared a simple project with a blue sprite. Nothing more than that, and without any calls to the SCORM API, not a single plugin, anything but the imsmanifest.xml file (that is requiered to be accepted and lauched in Scorm Cloud.

    The problem is that it doesnt load from mobile. It does from desktop (any browser) but I couldn't get to load it from mobile. The loader freezes at 0% and nothing can be done.

    I can tell that it's nothing related to plugins at the moment because this simple file doesn't have anything. It's an issue related to the HTML5 that is generated and launching it through mobile in a scorm environment. The log in Scorm Cloud doesn't log any problem because the game is never loaded.

    I had one successful attempt, when I got it to work with Mozilla Firefox on an iPhone7, after manually refreshing the loading page around 10 to 15 times.

    I have uploaded here https://we.tl/FNUx6UnRZ5both the simple sprite project with the xml file included in it, as well as the exported HTML5 project in a zip file.

    If you just upload this to any scorm cloud account and access through Mobile you will experience this issue.

    Is there anything I could do? I've tried hundreds of different configurations in the project loader settings. One hint that might be useful is that when I choose the % loader, the number stucks in 0% and becomes red.

    Thanks so much to all of you in advance for your help, really much appreciated.

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  • Hi guys, more information:

    I've debugged the safari log connecting the iphone to the mac. And then using the developer tools i found where the problem seems to be:

    As this project only has a simple square sprite, it tries to access to it but the server response is: failed to load the resource

    Here you can see exactly what's going on:


    Do you have any ideas how could this be fixed? I'm afraid that as the asset cannot be accessed, then it doesnt load and freezes at this stage.

    Any thoughts about how to solve this? It just happens with mobile access.

    Thanks so much....

  • found a solution here :

    It was c2runtime.js the one who was setting the crossorigin of a loaded url to anonymous and causing to reject their accepting cookie!!

    Scirra moderators: Do you think this might be considered a bug??

    Thanks again to everyone for your thoughts

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