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  • I saw the recent changes to the licensing policy, now allowing educators and institutions to use construct 2 without purchasing lots of licenses.

    In my case, I don't have an actual school, I offer my courses and rent the cheapest or most convenient comp lab, then install my tools there.

    In this case, considering the infrastructure isn't mine,would I be able to use the education license? What about my student's personal notebooks/etc.? I can understand that last one not being an option, but I would still like to assign homework or small projects.

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  • You might want to send an email to it's more likely you'll get an answer.

    When you get one, please be kind enough to come back here and eventually give the result of your request for others who would be in the same case.

  • As stated in the Education section, normally licenses are for a permanent site. However contact us at if your needs differ, and we can work something out.

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