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  • I was wondering if any of you great educators have established basic lesson plans for using construct 2 to teach basic computer principles like variables, arrays, etc. I would love to start working on some things with my 7 yr old daughter and think there is alot of great opportunities for her in learning this,

    please point me in the direction of any resources you might be able to share


  • Take a look at these videos:

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... uShwtypRJ5

  • Those are great resources! I really appreciate it, I was more thinking, plans of teaching children some of the overarching fundamentals, that are easy to teach with c2, stuff like how for loops work, arrays, sprites etc. geared for children, hmmm, if nothing like that exists yet, It might be a good thing for me to start looking into creating.

  • Most cases of programming teaching for young kids I've seen have been gamified, like programming robots to do things using basic logic in a game. Maybe you can get started with some of those games, and then move on to construct once the basic concepts and logic are there?

    Just an idea.

  • This format may be a bit verbose, but here's a lesson plan I put together. I had similar initial goals of teaching variables, loops, etc. There's not explicit content around those concepts, but I expect it to come up in context of the games that students design.

    Unfortunately, I don't have enough reputation to post a URL yet, so you'll have to piece this together:

    https COLON SLASH SLASH docs DOT google DOT com /document/d/1HPo-5hfubIDMPU4UKfvx2lgLZLXC-SmztX3-j1J_PtE/edit

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  • Construct still seems a bit text/writing heavy for a 7 year old kid.

    Try out https://blockly-games.appspot.com

    Maze is good for understanding the basics flow of the program (that it runs from top to bottom) / loops / basic flow control.

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