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  • Hello!

    By popular demand we've made two important changes to educational subscriptions:

    USD/GBP/EUR billing

    You can now choose to pay for your educational subscription in USD, Euros or GBP.


    Take home licenses

    A popular suggestion was to allow students to use the site license at home. We've now introduced "Take Home Licenses" for as little as £0.83p per month per student (a valid site license is required).

    1 "Take Home License" allows you to create a license for 1 named student. This student can then use this license at home. Up to once per year, educational institutes can revoke all issued Take Home Licenses and re-issue them to a new set of students. A Take Home License is non transferable until the insitute does their yearly revoke.

    As always, we're happy to answer any questions by email on education@scirra.com

  • Great news!

    "up to once per year"...? What about semester courses? Aren't those more common than yearly courses, especially for something like game development?

  • Semester courses are more common but a yearly lease is more industry practice. DreamSpark is a good example. My DreamSpark account gets renewed per year as long as I am enrolled in the CIS course track at my school. I think it makes more sense for Scirra to do it per year. In reality, a student will need to learn and use the software for longer then the course. Also, with how cheap Construct is, a student could feasibly save the cost of a personal license within a year as well. I think the pros far outweigh the cons in this case. Besides, .83 cents per student per year for an additional license is really cheap. That cost can easily be absorbed.

  • Regarding reissue of licenses, we keep it at once per year because:

    • It's far easier to monitor and manage
    • It's less open to abuse
    • It's a more common scenario for the majority of our educational customers

    We're really trying to make educational licenses affordable for as many places in the world as we can (if they can't afford a subscription they are still welcome to use the free edition of course!) and so we think the take home licenses are good value for money even if you're running short term courses.

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  • Thinking a bit more about it, I guess even if you run a short course, 83 cents per student can be easily absorbed. Besides, it benefits the student since he'll be able to continue using the software even after his course ends, which is only fair - I mean, after you just "graduated" from your short gamedev course, the first thing you want to do is pump out a few games, and having a few extra months to do that on your student license might be just the thing he/she needs before making the full purchase.

    Tl;DR: yearly licenses make sense.

  • It doesn't have sense:

    Bussines edition: $399 FOR EVER

    Education: $260 PER YEAR or PER MONTH ? wtf?

    Bussines: Endless use for an entire team

    Education: every 5 students $85 minimum PER YEAR

    Bussines: You don't need to say you are using construct

    Education: You MUST show construct and do publicity and teach it so students that are paying per year then they MUST pay for a Personal Licence

    I know that you are aiming for economic porpuses but is a little bit hard to understand why Education Institutes that teach to use your software are in desvantage against a bussines,

    Right now it looks like the Education version is for one year use only, since pay for a second year is completly ridiculous (($260 + students)* 2= no way)

    I think that Educational institutes should be a one pay with a permanent version at the same price as right now, so the price per student doesn't seems like to take advantage from educators OF YOUR SOFTWARE...

  • Idea: Education Version can't remove Construct2 logo and link from loading screen that also includes Teacher's name ¿what about that to make it less open to abuse?

  • Bussines edition: $399 FOR EVER

    Bussines: Endless use for an entire team

    Not really:


    A Business License can be issued to either:

    A named employee who is free to use it on as many computers as they want but no one else is permitted to use the licenses

    A single machine which anyone can use, but no more than 1 user at any one time

    you need a business licence for each single team member or single computer.

  • kingpirux,

    I think have your facts wrong.

    Education: for $29.99 per month all your students have Unlimited use. And for an extra $1.49 per 5 students per month, they can take a copy home with them.

    100 students =$0.60 per month per student which means if they live to over 60, they will still be paying less than a business license.

    Business license is on a per pc basis. So 5 employees, equals 5 business licenses. $1995.

    This education package is a very very very good deal.

  • If an educational institute only has 1 computer, they are free to buy a Personal Edition license for that computer which allows 1 concurrent user. (Only educational institutes are permitted to do this).

    If they have more than 1 concurrent user (most schools have multiple classes of 30+ students) then the educational subscription becomes very cost effective.

    The site license is $259.99 per year, the take home licenses come at additional cost but are entirely optional.

  • I'm getting it better now. my last question, why is the license per year and not fixed? I think i get the numbers, is like 1 dolar per day with the home licenses, but why we have to renew it if the students are going to be renewed every year already.

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