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  • We're launching a new educational product soon for state recognised educational institutes (schools, colleges, universities etc). It will be a subscription of $250 USD per year that allows these institutes to install Construct 2 on as many computers on their premises as they would like.

    We're going to be adding a new section on our website soon this week. What would be really really great is if we could get current teachers and educators to provide case studies for our website.

    If you are interested and happy to do this, please email me on with your school name, country the school is in and how you currently use Construct 2 and we can go from there!

    Case studies ideally would consist of a few hundred words written by us based on answers to questions you provide us. It would be awesome if we could get photos of students using Construct 2 as well, but we understand this is not always possible.

    If anyone is able to do this for us, we would be highly appreciative and would be happy to make a small donation to a charity of your choice in return.

    We're happy to hear from people who just use the free edition in lessons as well!

  • yay, thas awesome, now only remains to Scirra to provide some certificates for us to teach with construct2 :3

  • I agree with gillenew. First you should certify teachers to proof they are enough skilled to teach game development with Construct2.

    If you do so, I'm sure my institution will be more than interested in participate.

  • We're not sure if we're able to offer certification that means anything at the moment.

    We'd want to make sure it's good quality and has actual value which takes time to design, and time to run and manage.

  • Tom I just sent you a message. :)

  • Glad to see you're going down this avenue.

    As well as having students learn game and app development with Construct there is the advantage of having teachers themselves use it to enhance the classroom, not just in a computing lesson.

    I am starting teacher training this year at the Primary/Elementary level and at my interview with the University I demonstrated a Construct 2 maths game designed for a whole class to play with the teacher, maybe on an interactive whiteboard. I think it would be a real advantage to be able to quickly custom build an app to help deliver a lesson, particularly in maths or science.

    I really don't know whether Construct is a little too advanced for upper primary pupils to make games with, but i'd like to leave a few copies installed and merely point it out to some pupils to try in an after school club or something.

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  • Good idea. I'll contact some high school teachers to show this topic as a propose.

  • Nice one again, Scirra Team!

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