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  • I am posting this hoping that others will follow up and post solutions or tips for fixing bugs and mistakes in Educate Stem Fuse curriculum. I have not found much of anything on the Internet.

    The wave system in Asteroid Destroyer is one issue that many students run into constantly, but not all.

    With the Star Defender game the issue with Boss spawning comes up a lot as well as the wave.

    I hope this post will lead to positive feedback and support from and for other users

  • Sounds like you need to contact Stem Fuse in regards to "fixing bugs and mistakes in Educate Stem Fuse curriculum." Without knowing the errors or or bugs specifically I can't offer possible solutions / work-a-rounds. My past experience Construct updates their software/user interface but Stem Fuse did not update their instructions to match the new changes in Construct. I recommend taking screen shot of the instructions in Stem Fuse and a screenshot in Construct 3 and enter a ticket on the Stem Fuse website pointing out the discrepancy. If I am misunderstanding your issue, I apologize.

  • I have not been impressed with the feedback from them. Basically - go figure it out yourself- so I am reluctant to even send them anything and wont waste my time.

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  • hey jmackniak , i am a bit intrigued, could you give me a bit more detail on the issue? I'd love to try and help. (I have no idea what Stem Fuse is)

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