E-book teaching C2 ?

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  • Hi there

    I'm new here, and i looking forward to learn C2. I looking for free E-book teaching C2 from the begin. and i found one call ((Construct 2 Game Development by Example)) but i have to buy it. and other one but for the old version.

    So do any one have pdf file have the first steps for learning C2 ?

    P.S: I have bad net speed so that it why i looking for E-book or pdf file

  • At worst, download the manual and learn all the nuts and bolts. The manual is invaluable.

  • Example Capx are often as good as a tutorial. Cause of constructs easy event System, you can often "read" the whole game down i think:-)

  • There are a number on the internet.

    The author of one that comes to mind offered it free here on the forum on amazon.

    It was called : So you want to be a game designer!: A balanced book of practice and theory.

    There are more all over the net, but remember that books get dated quickly.

  • I am trying to create mini ebooks covering the basics and some more with a .capx for each lesson/chapter. right now though I do online lessons.

  • You can find many videos on youtube how to use.

  • The examples included are a great off-line resource, too. (They are easy to overlook when you first get stated. Start a 'New' project, and scroll down, or click the 'examples' link from the start splash page.)

    They start very basic, and each is worth a quick look, it's like going through a great power-point overview ... that, and yes, grab the manual for offline.

  • i couldn't find the book " So You Want to Be a Game Designer!: A Balanced Book of Practice and Theory " on the net, Amazon isn't selling it and says it's available for free on kindle yet it's not there too.

    also would like to see some organized video tutorials where it starts to teach basic stuff until it reach the expert levels, a lot C2 videos on YOUTUBE but they lack order and quality, the only decent tutorial i found on the site udemy bought it for 9$ and finished in two days .

  • thanks a lot

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  • I recommend the book mentioned above on Amazon. I grabbed it quick when the author offered it for free. It's geared more as a Construct 2 textbook than it is a game design (theory and such) book. It's a great book to learn Construct 2 though.

    I'm not sure if you're located outside of the U.S. Maybe that's why it wouldn't let you download it? Not all Kindle books are available everywhere. I did a quick search on Amazon and it's still available for $5.

    http://www.amazon.com/So-You-Want-Game- ... and+Theory

  • i read about several people recommending this, but i can't buy it from amazon unfortunately, it says "Pricing information not available."

  • That probably means that it's not available in your country. I would email the author and see if you can purchase it directly from them or ask that they make it available in other countries.

  • what is his email address?

    also if someone willing to sell his copy i would gladly buy it for $20, i have a mail-address in the US but i live in the middle-east.

  • ' Learning Construct 2 ' published by PACKT publishing, available both physical and digital copies.

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