Construct 2 Tutorial - Need Constructive criticism

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  • A friend of mine has made his first video tutorial on construct 2, he needs some constructive criticism to help improve his videos.

    Link - www youtube com / watch ? v = q8u3Sp9N5yM

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  • Hey silksoft...

    I watched a few minutes of the video... a few things that could be improved...

    • Don't just say what to add. tell them why.
    • Background noise... (This can't always be helped, but if you can, you should)
    • Add sprites... There is free art to use on places like, that both you and your students can use!

    (and they will love you for telling them about this resource)

    • Do something memorable... Do something other tutorials don't have... use a crazy sprite... or make it do something they will remember (So they come back to more tutorials)
    • I recommend making a simple avatar instead of the current channel picture.
    • I also recommend shortening your channel name... focus on a specific thing...

    for example:

    pretend you are making games with construct 2, which channel would you be more likely to sub to?

    1. Game and app making tutorials by My Epic Studio

    2. Game making tutorials

    3. Game making in Construct 2

    4. My Epic studio name

    5. Game and app making tutorials

    If you do other tutorials (not just C2) you would pick #2

    If you only make games in C2, you want #3

    If you want to brand your studio, pick #4

    If you make apps and games in 1 channel, you could pick #5, or you could make 2 channels... (Game devs and app devs sometimes work on the other, but often times they focus on one...)

    If you want more views... add a Big description... right down the things your doing in your videos... (When I say "Your" I mean the channel owner, just pass this on to him) Make it like 500 words long, just write something like this...

    "Video Title" <-- Always put your title in the first line

    "Links" (Links to your capx used, sprites you used... link another one of your videos, if they want to keep watching)

    "In this construct 2 tutorial, we will be making a platform game. I'll be teaching you how to add sprites and behaviors. I'll also be showing you XXX" <--- Write a good review of what the video is.

    I hope this helps!


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