Construct 2 Educational Changes 30th April 2018

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    Please read the following information about Construct 2 educational licenses. It contains important information you should be aware of.

    Construct 2 -> Construct 3 upgrade

    • New educational subscriptions will not be able to upgrade to C3 for free past 30th April 2018.
    • Existing customers who are currently subscribed prior to 30th April 2018 and who have not cancelled their C2 subscriptions will still be able to upgrade for free at any time going forwards so long as the subscription is not cancelled before arranging the upgrade.

    Construct 2 Educational License Support

    • Construct 2 educational licenses will continue to be sold until academic year 2019/2020
    • Past that period, existing subscribers are welcome to continue subscribing indefinitely
    • Past that period, we will not be accepting new customers for C2 education

    Construct 2 Educational License Pricing Changes

    • On 30th April 2018, a C2 site license is being increased in cost to £349.99 GBP/ $499.99 USD / €399.99 EUR respectively for annual license.
    • Monthly licenses increasing to £49.99 GBP / $64.99 USD/ €49.99 EUR
    • These prices exclude VAT where applicable
    • Existing subscribers continue to pay the price they subscribed at (no increase)


    Any questions, please email

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