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  • Hello,

    I'm calling everyone interested in learn make games with Construct 2, and live near from Curitiba - PR - Brazil, to send me a message or contact me.

    This year I'll start teaching the basic of game mechanics and distributing free resources for the participants.

    All the classes are free, you just need to come with your computer.


    PS.: We will use the free version of Construct 2.

  • Hi TELLES0808. I have sent you PMs, emails and even mesages on facebook but you do not answer me. I really need your classes. I live in Florian�polis /SC. Plz contact me!

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  • You live in brazil :(.Wish it was an online class :(.And wish I could teleport there.

  • TELLES0808,

    you still teaches about Construct 2?


  • GoGugutiGames, No. Actually I'm out of the market too. As Civil Engineer with Master Degree, I can't compare the earnings from my profession and from this hobby, so, after two classes and people with low or very low interest, I decided to give up and invest my time in things of my interest, like trails with my Troller, expeditions, etc.




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  • Hi, TELLES0808, I live in Brazil and I've spent a lot of my time since I acquired Construct 2 (I bought almost a year and a half ago in a promotion in Steam).

    Since I'm always having (weird) ideas, I've spent 500+ hours in Construct 2, doing tests, learning and fixing concepts.

    If you do want, we can go together and make online classes, from basic to complex, I've nothing to do and there is some concepts you can only identify, or by doing several conversions, or by images.

    My focus now are in multiplayer, I like new things, and I see people are doing things incredibly difficult for simple things (like using Syncing variables, that is pretty hard, than requests from host).

  • Hi pedropss, my child has 5 months, wife need my help when I'm at home, etc, so, it's pretty hard to make anything else than helping she.

    When in vacations, I do expeditions, travelling to the Pantanal, Argentina, Uruguay, etc, and that's another world where I'm learning too.

    Maybe in 2015, when the Construct 2 get a mature state of this multiplayer online support, and improve some other things (thing in the to do list and know by Us), I'll give it a try.

    You're doing well, I have spend around 2.000 hours with construct 2, plus 4.000 hours doing pixelarts for various purposes.

    Also, the best way to learn is helping people in the forum, so, take little challenges and keep learning and improving your knowledge. Also, ask for help and read old posts from the Scirra Gurus, because they are amazing persons always ready to help.

  • Hi Maybe you could start a classroom with your knowledge. I dominate the basic issues of Construct 2 and maybe I can help.

  • Of course, TELLES0808, and sorry if when I said "500+ hours" it sounded like "I've a lot of knowledge", because I didn't mean that and I don't have, I just wanted to sound that I'm familiar with the program. You're right in doing things that you want to do, go live your life.

    RenatoB It can be a possibility, we can discuss this, or even work in a project together.

  • pedropss, RenatoB, GoGugutiGames, hcporto

    I'll be teaching about race games on the Official IGMBRasil Community. ... e-corrida/

    Limited Class spots, so, hurry up.

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