Anyway to transfer education sub from one account to another?

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  • Basically, when my school ordered Construct2, the SEO signed up and paid using her cc (cc in her name but tied to school's budget), not thinking that I should probably be the one holding the account details as I run the program and am responsible for the rollout. Add to this the problem that she is no longer the SEO, this is causing a bit of a problem.

    Originally planned to cancel that sub once it finishes (September) and create a new education account in my name. Unfortunately, doing that means we have to pay more due to July's pay increase... which I only just noticed :/

    I was wondering if it's possible to transfer an education license from one account to another? Considering the school stays the same, I'm hoping it's doable.


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  • LukeW

    This type of question should really be directed to an employee of Scirra.

    Try emailing

  • Will do, cheers.

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