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  • Hi all!

    A few days ago I needed to create a drop-down menu for my simply RTS game - I wanted to click an object in game and get the simply menu. I didn't find any plugin for it, but very liked Circle Menu Plugin. It looks very simple and effective.

    But I couldn't customize it as I wish (you can use only fontawesome icons or text for menu items).

    So I spent 1 evening to find a solution of my idea. C2 has a lot of constraints to simple create it. So, there is short description, how to make customizable circle menu without plugin.

    Easy manual for Alternative Circle Menu

    1) Create instances of menu items - your buttons of menu. 2,3,5,10 - as you wish.

    2) Add all of them to family.

    3) Important: add all of them to container.

    4) Create simple construction in Events.

    IMPORTANT: There is using Rex MoveTo plugin

    Here you can download my example(if you have Rex Plugin))

    Hope it helps somebody) And sorry for my English)

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