Advice on using C2/C3 for complex RPG

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  • Hello All,

    I have been using C2 for a while and I have made simple drag and drop games and some card games for kids mainly. Simple game mechanics.

    I have a great project integrating the game mechanics of an RPG MMO game with Common Core from Colorado. I was thinking of using C2 but I could use PhaserIO, GameStudio or Unity3D (2D webGL).

    Can you give me your thoughts about using C2 or C3 for this project?

    all aspect of analytics and classroom audits will be on a website not in game.

    Here are some rough specs:

    Description: The principle idea is to teach common concepts through an MMORPG game using the immersion of the game and peer mentoring/help.

    • RPG game mechanics (inventory, NPC, combat, experience, achievements, dungeons, story)
    • players logs ASYNC
    • create groups
    • join guild or classrooms
    • being able to see other players
    • offline mode for classrooms
    • analytics log ASYNC
    • quests creations
    • chat with players in a group (private rooms)
    • because of coppa - no public chat rooms
    • parent co-registration and progress for homeschools
    • desktops, laptops, tablets, TV only
    • phone will be more a second screen type of play mode (seeing inventory, crafting, leaderboards, review course objectives or quests....)

    Thank you,

  • I recommend using Rexrainbow's FireBase series plugin. But even if you have plugins, it still requires a lot of network game knowledge to make your MMO.

  • Thank you Jomo for the plugin name.

    I was more looking form an advice in using C2 for making the all RPG rogue like. Would this platform be able handle my needs?

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  • Yes.

    I think jomo was suggesting that as it's the one feature that C2 won't handle without writing some code.

  • Thanks newt for clarifying I was thinking that AJAX async calls would of been enought but I am glad Jomo game me a lead for what to use.

    I will take it slow, plan and make sure I wont make bigger issues as the game gets bigger.

  • I just finish my lecture <C2 + Firebase internet games> at Tatung University. One of my student released his game at below link:

    Please feel free to try it. And you'll need at least 2 player to start game.

  • Thanks JOMO - awesome - gives me some great insight.

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