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  • Hehey, begun to translate strings in POEditor. First thing I stumbled across is the term "renderer". Either I use the English term or something related to drawing/painting on the screen. Even leo.org is unsure and not quite exact when it comes to translation.

    Is there a technical word for "frame" in German?





    Somehow none of these are pleasing me but I am tending to Einzelbild.

    Translations which made me unsure. Right-down = von rechts nach unten?

    Construct 3 only supports right-down renderer order.

    Construct 3 unterstützt nur die Renderreihenfolge von rechts-unten.

    Add '{0}' image point to '{1}' animation

    Füge 'Bildpunktname' Bildpunkt zur 'Animationsname' Animation hinzu

    Would it not make more sense to put the names of the animation and image point after the descriptor? That would be:

    Füge Bildpunkt '{0}' zur Animation '{1}' hinzu

    Change instances '{0}' behaviour property '{1}' ({2})

    has become

    Ändere die Verhaltenseigenschaft '{1}' der Instanzen '{0}' ({2})

    where I'm not sure yet what word is used for behaviour. Furthermore is it one instance or more?

    Animations editor changes

    Änderungen im Animationseditor


    Änderungen am Animationseditor



    First twenty done... 7836 left to go...

    I will add more as I dig deeper into it and whenever I got some quiet time.

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  • Okay, dug in further and I post - just to remember - some of the risen questions/points during the process:

    1. Tag became Label, which is less confusing, because Tag also means Day in German
    2. I used the english term for Renderer, Gain, Additive and more of these technical words
    3. Tried to spell out some of the On action, on event error or similar. Used 'Bei', 'Wenn' and 'Sobald' for 'On'.
    4. Translated some of the property names like 'ScreenState' or the like but I am unsure if this does not confuse technical terms for the sake of readability.

    By the way, anyone who wants a good spellcheck, might check mentor.duden.de for a strict syntax check. Most of the longer segments are double or triple checked with Leo, Google Translate and Google to ensure high quality.

    I wrote my thoughts or ideas in the comments in POEditor, expecially whilst bothering with ambigous words or sentences.

    So far, so good, so partey!

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