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  • Achtung Kameraden! ;-)

    Alrighty then, took me some time, but the translation to German is done. Next steps are consistency checks, spell re-checking and general quality control. I will testrun it, when I use Construct 3, but I am limited to the Free Edition.

    The decision how "You" was translated fell on the less formal version of You "Du" instead of the formal "Sie". Had the thought in mind Construct is for a younger and playful audience.

    So I saw other translators translating in the formal version and eagerly rewritten some of the others entries until I realized what I am doing (Sorry for the mess for it was about 40 to 60 entries...). So I stopped and waiting for the final decision: To write formal or not?

    Anyhow, I will browse through the other topics, if there are any next steps I am missing.

    Besides, critique is always welcome. Write me if you see an error or faulty semantics.

    Have a good one but not mine! ;-P

    P. S. Ashley you might want to have a look on this. Cheers! =)

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  • Thanks for your contributions!

    (Note there is one outstanding term due to missing BBcode, but I guess that will be fixed quickly.)

    Once a translation reaches 100% the next steps are it will be shipped in beta releases of Construct, and subsequently the next stable release behind a confirmation prompt, while it undergoes review. Assuming it completes review, the confirmation prompt will be removed and then translation rewards issued. This can take several weeks so please be patient.

  • Aye, fixed it just that moment. So there will no need for me to correct existing entries as the reviewer will take care of this?

  • The review process only checks existing translations, no changes will be made unless you or another contributor makes them.

  • Translated the recent 7 terms for the next update.


  • Again translation is up to date. Translated the recent 8 terms. Have a great weekend.

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