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  • Hi guys, I rep'ed C2 for the 7 day Kong jam. Made the game ZOON:

    From scratch in less than 7 days

    Theme was Attraction

    Modifier was No Text


    Give it a try, beat my score, and let me know what you think

    Control with left and right mouse button, or touch each side of screen. There is a bonus round if you last long enough to see the star collapse into a blackhole.

    I use a few behaviors; LineOfSight, Bullet, MoveTo, which do a nice job in a performance efficient way. Used particles for powerup pickups. Used warp effect for the star.

    It has a working score system, and I also implemented a simple AI to run if the player idles.

    Used C2 sprite editor for all gfx.

    I worked with a composer. We made 5 short audio themes to create a non-repetetive random background ambience. And also different sets of random sounds for game events.

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