Zoomaze (nail-biting, maze-solving puzzle game)

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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • Hello!

    I've just released Zoomaze on Google Play. Zoomaze is a maze-solving game designed to appeal to those looking for either quick fixes or long play sessions. The current release has two game modes and more are planned. It's designed to be simple, quick to get into, and slightly nerve-racking

    Get it here on Google Play.

    Get it here on iTunes.

    Marketing blurb!


    • Infinite replayability!
    • Two game modes!
    • Nail-biting, maze-solving action!
    • Completely free!
    • Sarcastic in-game text!

    Play through an infinite number of randomly generated mazes in two game modes. Classic Mode is fast and brutal - it'll make you flip-flop between self-loathing and loving everything. Career Mode is more sedate and a bit more forgiving (at first) - for those who have some time on their hands and want to compete for a top spot against other players.

    The standard game is entirely free and supported by very discreet ads. As more game modes are made available in future, we may include in-app purchases, but the core of Zoomaze (Classic and Career modes) will always be free and will never be made unbalanced due to these IAPs!


    Planned features!

    • Release on Windows Phone and Desktop
    • New game mode: Adventure (extended Career mode with characters, combat and loot)
    • New game mode: Blitz (features all sorts of crazy power-ups)
    • Alternate maze skins
    • Alternate player skins

    Please feel free to comment, criticise or share any thoughts you may have on the game. And if you find any bugs or weird behaviours, I'd love to know about them.


  • Looks great

  • Nice!

  • iTunes version has been released! Get it here for for your iOS device.

    PS: I've done very little real-world testing on iOS. Please let me know if anything is wrong/weird/borked!

  • Sorry to say that I could not test it, see the attached screenshot.

    Not sure what that could mean (I know there are two apks generated by crosswalk for two different architectures, but it may be unrelated).

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  • Aphrodite, Oh, yes. I still need to upload an APK for x86 CPUs.Thanks for reminding me!

  • Nice job

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