Zombie Invasion! v1.3

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  • This is a cool game I made it in a few hours, it's nice, but I wanna know what you guys think. It's called Zombie House Invasion! (Working title)

    Zombie invaded your house, it's up to you to defend it. Zombies come in through the windows.

    There are 3 meters you have to watch out for:

    Hunger Level: 100 means you aren't hungry. 0 means you starved to death.

    Stay non hungry.

    Infection Level: If a zombie bites you, you get infected. If infection reaches 100%, you die. After you get bitten by a zombie, infection will continue to raise.

    HP Bar: Self explanatory.

    Each appliance does a special thing.

    • Fridge makes you less hungry (hard to get to)
    • Bed raises health, but makes you hungrier.
    • Med Pack raises health and lowers infection.

    It's 150 points to open a door.


    W, A, S, D or Arrow keys to move.

    Click to shoot.

    Run into something to use it.


    Please Reply telling me what you think, bugs, highest round reached, infection and hunger level when you died, questions, and any suggestions. Thanks!


    • Making the chests give you random items (Dunno what to give)
    • Making the stove and sofas do things.
    • Expanding the map.
    • Adding more maps.

    Thanks to DravenX for his sprites! Visit his site at DravenXGames.com

    Visit my game dev site at LantixPro.com

  • No one?

  • I got to round 6 before death.

    So far its alright, but its pretty buggy right now. Sometimes the zombies clip through walls. Also the zombies jitter constantly when it reaches the player. Additionally, you should probably make it so the zombies do not rotate to face the player, while hidden away in the rooms. Besides that, the crossbow is not a satisfying weapon to be honest. Perhaps, add an acceleration to it?

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  • I seeeeeee..... Thanks for letting me know!

  • Just found this, interesting, though it seems to freeze up a lot on me. I am working on a new zombie game also.

  • something is wrong with the keyboard directions wierd use...also the music is...horrible, sfx sounds are too high.

    the view of the level is stoo small, and the sprites are too big, the game looks too much claustrophobic, the space where the sprite is moving is sto small, dont give you too much liberty of movement.

    voila :D

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