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  • Hello people! Today I come to teach the minigame I made for the contest Newgrounds Construct 2 Game Jam. It is a game inspired by Create Box. But on this occasion are not monsters but are zombies.

    How do we deal with the zombies?

    The character must grab weapon boxes that appear randomly around the screen. Where each box brings random weapons. There are 4 available as weapons, pistol, shotgun, a machine gun and a rocket launcher.

    With these weapons we have to protect our home against the infinite imbasi?n zombies.

    Besides weapons boxes are also kits to fix our house when the zombies come.

    How many levels are?

    The game is based on a single level with endless hordes, the more you kill more zombies come.

    Some comments:

    The game is a bit monotonous, I wanted to add a lot of weapons, many levels, unlockable content and much more but I could not because I am using the free license program. So I'm pretty limited. I tried to clean up the code and I could barely make the menu.

    Why I want to win the contest?

    In itself, does not interest me to win, I'll settle for just being in the top 8. Since I have no money to buy personal license and I have many ideas to make several games, I can not complete because of the limitations.

    I recently discovered that my passion is making games and would like to achieve this dream, I always liked the game but I realized that I have more fun creating them.

    This game made ??it into a netbook that is 3 years old and I find it quite slow when I advanced creations (with many objects and images). It's all a torture them on this pc, but the desire to create are so big that I can not stop.

    Here is the link to play the game, to vote, to help me to fulfill my dream.

    Thank you very much.

    <img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-SfMmk6UtVbc/UUogfYaqI9I/AAAAAAAAA3s/kpDkDuokLx0/s320/screenshot+3.png" border="0">

    Play game on Newgrounds

    Fan Page on Facebook

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  • You mean super crate box ? Too bad ... you took the shell and missed the core design ... what was making SCB so addicting

    anyways ... good luck at it ...

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