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  • Hi, I published my first game created in Construct 2 I'll be glad if you play it and write me feedback please. It is an action zombie game, Its aim is to acquire the highest score.

    Please excuse my English

    Site (game):



    Zombie action game. Fight for survival and compare your score with friends.


    WASD/Arrow keys - MOVE

    1,2,3/Mouse wheel - CHANGE WEAPON

    Right mouse click - FIRE


  • For a first game, it's pretty nice. Speed up those enemy animations, though! When I shoot them, it looks like their blood is coming out in slow motion.

  • Thank you for your comment. You are right, animation blood is really too slow. The speed of enemies increases by 1 each to their death.

  • Good game !! congrat !!

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  • Hey, great game! Although it needs to get harder way faster.

  • I thought it was fun, but I wish the bullets were faster.

  • Thank you for your advice.

    I made the following changes:

    • Accelerated animation of blood
    • Increased rate of bullet
  • Really fun game! Would love something that makes a big explosion

  • Maybe exploding barrel?

  • Hello!

    I playerd it, i liked the UI, and the typo used for name options, etc... but I think thay maybe you could add some animation? like walking or so... (the zombies and aslo the player now just..... float? hehehe)

    as other people said I think that the bullets have to be a little faster

    regards! Keep working!!

  • I liked the flashlight effect changing size when the pointer is closer/further from the player-character.

  • I finished a new BETA version.


    • Increased speed of bullets
    • disable accidental discovery of ammunition
    • fixed a bug with pause

    for better playability I tried to add:

    • Trade (purchase ammo, repair kit and a fuel tank)
    • Chance to ride on a tank

    you think it is a good move and will help the gameplay?

    This is a BETA version does not exclude errors.


    Again apologize for my English <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarrassed">

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