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  • Hi guys!

    After 2 months working on my app i can say it's finally finished!

    I would really appreciate some feedback. I want to thank everyone who had the patience to help me with some struggles i had while creating the app.

    All help was useful and without it i was never able to create the application.

    So what's it about;

    I did everything but creating a game. The goal was to create a application about horoscopes, zodiac signs etc. with some social features like commenting and a up/down vote system. I think it worked out pretty well and i was really surprised ( to be honest ) that i was able to create this with Construct 2.

    Some screenshots

    The app has a live feed which updates every single hour with multiple posts. You can comment on them, vote them up or down. It has daily horoscopes, some astrology information, zodiac profiles and some other stuff.

    I used IAP to create a premium membership option. I wanted to keep all content as free as possible so this means the only paid option i have is to remove ads and get a "premium icon". It just didn't feel right to lock up some content in change for payments.

    At this moment i only launched the Android version.

    You can check it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zodiac.union

    I would really like it if you download it and take a look at it. Every (negative nor positive) feedback is welcome!

    Also, if you happen to like this app and want a premium account download the app and just send me your discount code ( shown at the right top of the start screen ) and i will update your account to a premium account for free .

    Of course leaving a rating and a review on Google Play would really help me out but than again, i'm here to show off my app and not to advertise. Just really curious to your opinions.


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