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  • Just wanted to showcase a little app I did with C2.

    It's basically a news aggregator with several popular news sources, including some for games.

    You can get it on the Google Play Store

    It was actually quite easy to do using the ajax plug to connect to an excellent api. I developed it in just about a week.

    In fact I think using C2 for apps is quite plausible, and am thinking of doing a few more, as I rather like making graphical user interfaces.

    The only issues are every thing has to be done from scratch. There's no built in methods to create the many interface features like menu scroll, swiping etc.

    I just pushed the android release last night, and haven't had much input on it, so please give it a try, and tell me what you think.

  • Actually, newt, i would love to see/feel/touch your work. But i have no, and never will have, one Android device.

    A lot of apps presented in the forum, seem to be only on Google Play.

    My next phone will be Sailfish, i think, at this moment.

  • The bad part for apps is there are no web portals for distribution like we have for games, so mobile is the first choice with Android being the easiest/ biggest audience with Xdk.

    Getting ads to work on the other hand is a massive headache, but it's about the only monetisation option we've ever had that was reliable.

    I will probably do a website if the app is successful, then perhaps Windows store, and Ios.

  • Update:

    Added a way to tweet an article using the web client.

    Which was surprisingly easy btw.

    I may do a template to show how.

    Still looking for input or suggestions.

  • Update:

    There is now a web app.

    I probably should have done this first.

    Especially since working with html outside of C2 is such a pain.

    And the export doesn't give us many options for adding html that C2 can't do.

    Kind of odd when you think about how web apps would be considered the main export.

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  • pretty cool..

    is there a way you can use more of the screen real estate? make a grid instead of a column in the center.. seems like a lot of wasted space.. I assume because you brought it over from a mobile app.

    I like the idea of a bunch of news sources and being able to drill down.. but I don;t like the "reading" option, would rather just have the lines there so I can skim with my eyes..

    Functionally I think I'd like to see all my news sources on one page if possible... like how you see apps on your iPhone or Android. And be able to glance at their top stories, then drill down from there...

  • Yeah, there is a lot of wasted space, and a grid would be doable.

    In fact I wouldn't mind just getting rid of the scroll.

    You're probably right on the speed read thing.

    That might be better for large amounts of text.

    Thanks jobel

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