The Way of Yiji. trailer

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  • That's a neat logo you got there

  • Wow very nice game ! It reminds me FEZ. =)

  • amazing, really nice

  • The new screenshots look amazing. Really looking forward to playing this game.

  • who are interested in playing an alpha version early (intro and level I of six), please send email to:

    it?s a rar file with exe webnodekit ~ 20Mb


    Scirra arcade


  • tchem

    Hi Tchem,

    I've just had a longer play of the alpha version. I've got just past the waterfall area, to the part where you have to jump on the moving platforms.

    I really like the way you add to the light and darkness dynamics as the game progresses, with you having to keep within searchlights to avoid shadows etc, and the overall pixel art style is absolutely spot on. The thing I'd say that doesn't quite work at the moment is the jump-cuts when the scene pulls back to a longshot or zooms in closer during the action. I find this very jarring, especially since I was moving the character around at the time, and it actually gave me a bit of a headache after a while. What I would suggest is either keep to a long shot or a close-up until a checkpoint or area of interaction is reached, and then change to close up/long shot.

    I really like the style of the bell checkpoints that you have to ring as you pass through, and found the Mood status at the left of the screen intriguing. Will this influence anything in the final game? Does it influence anything now? Perhaps I missed its point.

    I found a few spelling mistakes on the forest level: 'a entrance' should be 'an entrance' and 'waterfall basis' should be 'waterfall base'. Nice and easy to correct!

    Anyway, I'll be sure to play more later and leave comments again. Keep up the good work, as once you've ironed out a few things I'm sure this game is going to be eyepoppingly beautiful.

  • Link to scirra arcade The way of yiji . Alpha version 1.1

  • feedback : first impressions

    1.the art stylye, graphics, immersion, sound aspect and immersion - it?s ok.

    2.the introduction/the village - positive and negative feedbacks.

    • long play / ballon teleporter strange / the last zoom out :( / add smoth zoom out

    3. the forest / positive and negative reviews... cool atmosphere, simple platform / very very boring gameplay / "the sh*t game" "idiot platform"

    problems: contemplative x action play

    many bugs

    primeiras impress?es

    1. estilo art?stico, gr?ficos, imers?o e atmosfera est?o ok, tem agradado.

    2. parte sonora como elemento importante para a atmosfera do game

    2. na introdu??o, alguns apontam como muito longo, tornando-se desnecess?rio/ o ?ltimo zoom incomoda, alguns pedem algo mais suave e n?o cortes abruptos

    3. na floresta teve feedbacks mais contundentes ,,, de cool a "est? uma merda",, plataforma idiota, etc,,,rsr,,,

    melhorar rela??o contemplativo x a??o - um ou outro / equilibrar os dois

    fora os diversos bugs que surgiram, mas s?o probleminhas de ordem t?cnica, alguns j? arrumados.

    character - Yiji - so weird,,,, perhaps create a character more human.

    Really strange inside of world.

  • The main in the feedbacks to me:

    about boring,,, yet very slow,,, action repetitive...I agree....bother me too much!!

    The game and level design is so difficult.

    any idea send to me, please.

    There is confuse information about this game and this project.

    The game will be free to PC/MAC,,,, not IOS or anything,,,

    make game by pleasure, indie spirit,,, indie mystic???

    i think.,,,

    Construct 2 is special, great to make game without knowledge.

    i don?t understand much of game design, game level,,,i love art designer,,, obvious in the alpha version.

    images screenshots are diferent of gameplay.

    Its my first game, simple game design, simple ideas,,, maybe cool graphics,, ok, only this.

    Thanks all by comments, feedback and critics. Again, make game is so great,,, its a excelent exercise to the mind and spirit.

    Thanks Scirra Team by opportunities and joy.

  • I played it yesterday on the arcade and I would tend to agree with what you summed up above

    The level design is gorgeous but the gameplay doesn't really fit

    I don't have the answer for all that but one possible way would be to focus less on gameplay, and make some kind of semi-interactive experience like Passage

  • lemo: thanks,

    Jason Rohrer have really interesting games. Passage is unique, very beautiful, a spiritual narrative and cool propose immersive.

    I need to rethink the gameplay really... make it more fluid or let the player explore the environments.

  • i�m rethinking the gameplay and some ideas with the feedback I have received.

    The village will be smaller, is very long and tiring, discourages continue. I�ll focus in the objectives the game and function of HUD.

    The top three squares HUD will be Yiji�s energy. Now, Yiji can eat some foods to reenergize. Yiji lose power over time.

    In the center will have a symbol of action... to help in the gameplay. (attention, read, listen, talk, low energy -depressed).

    The Yiji�s character will be different. The weird white square not work well with the environment. Now, will be a kind of "samurai", human.

    The game will focus on exploration and contemplation. The gameplay is very linear, boring and too obvious.

    I'll try to open the game, not so open, but the player can choose some ways and back to solve some puzzles.

    Many people have show the importance of the relationship between images and sounds in the alpha.

    I believe in the use of sound as a basis for this exploration. Noises, whispers, effects, sound movements. Puzzles sounds...etc.. example: The howl of the wolf emits a certain sound that moves the scenery. Interact with diferents animals with diferent results. Sound = graphic.

    The enemies are traps. Different types of traps: arrows, frameworks, spikes, chains, maybe hiden. ,,,. The black light will be secondary and not the main. The light protection continue.

    The Forest will have 3 stages (the objective of each stage will be open the gate light to further.)

    Any idea is welcome.

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    gameplay test

    The main character is Otto, a samurai.

    After a raid on his village, Oto was wounded with a poisoned arrow.

    His wife died. Oto will have to take your child, Yiji to a Temple of Light

    Oto will die, that is a fact.

    Oto now have a few days to teach Yiji.

    The game will focus on exploration and contemplation.

    The player can to control some animals to help in game.

    The game will be based on SOUNDESIGN. sound = image

    Now, the village will be a PAUSE playable, memories of Samurai and your wife.

    Any feedback is welcome:)

  • tchem

    I really like the main hero redesign - a Samurai fits much better with the oriental pixel world that you've created. I also like the look of the 'controlling animals to solve puzzles' element that you've added.

    It's progressing really well. Keep at it!

    • Dave
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  • Dave Hailwood: thanks man!

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