Xtina Dirrty Run!

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  • Hi all,

    here it is my very first game with Construct2: Xtina Dirrty Run.

    <img src="http://www.pixenli.com/images/1358/1358088734009402400.png" border="0" />

    It's an endless runner I made with my boyfriend. We are two popmusic fans and we would pay tribute to Christina Aguilera, because we love her.

    Kongregate: kongregate.com/games/kingcatsgames/xtina-dirrty-run

    Scirra Arcade: scirra.com//arcade/addicting-action-games/2489/xtina-dirrty-run

    If you want to help us, give the game a great score on Kongregate!

    I hope you'll enjoy it.

  • Very cool game :D

    I think the jump needs a bit of height, cause its too short most of the time.

  • I agree with Donan, and the graphics are very blurry

  • That was fun :D

    yeah. little more jump height. Once I found myself in the bottom row it was very difficult to get out of.

  • Dig the style for sure.. A bit tough to jump. I agree it needs more jump height. Other than that, it's awesome Keep up the good work!

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  • Thanks guys for your feedbacks.

    I updated to the game to make it more easier. Now the character can jump higher!

  • Good work, the item's graphics remind me of an old arcade game where you play a spirit that changes bodies (forgot the name :) I wanted to suggest you add an animation for the jump, because the character keeps running in the air and it doesn't give a feeling of jumping at all, so with an animation it would make the player feel more in control, just an opinion.

  • Have to agree with others, jumping seems bit too akward and hard to time which results in unnecessary quick death. About the animations, adding jumping animation would be first step to the right direction.

    Graphics were decent, at least they didnt annoy me which is always good. I dont personally see any need to update/change graphics as they do the job just fine.

    Good start that can turn into fun game once some tweaking is done, looking forward to play updated version, keep it going :)

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